NW242: Nosework Challenges Series 3

Instructor: Stacy Barnett

Course Details

This is the third in a series focused on Skill Building by working through a set of challenges each week.  We will stretch our skills and comfort zones using drills and exercises geared towards improving the Nosework team.  Each Nosework Challenges class is standalone so don't fret if you missed an earlier one!  I basically just have more ideas than I know what to do with.

In general, the Nosework Challenges classes are not as dense as my other classes.  I do that on purpose!  You will be given a set of exercises each week to work through.

The challenges we will play with will give your dog specific puzzles to help build their natural capabilities.  Our dogs come to us as college grads in Olfaction...  through puzzles and challenges we help to turn them into Olfaction Rocket Scientists.

Although this is a Series, please remember that the classes DO NOT need to be taken in order.  I hope you can join me!!

The theme of Nosework Challenges Series 3 is ELEVATION!!

Elevation is just another type of Inaccessible hide...  however, because of the way scent works, it's especially challenging.  We can't train it by simply putting out a super high hide and throwing our dogs to the wolves...  Instead, we need to stretch our dogs in multiple dimensions with purpose.  In this course we will start with careful introduction and work our dogs up the scales.  Ultimately, with practice, our dogs will be able to source the highest of Elite hides.

Careful elevation work wouldn't be complete without the lows.  Be prepared to also work ground hides in this class.  In doing so we can keep our dogs balanced in their training.

See you in class!!

Here's a video of Judd working Extreme Elevation...  we won't start here...  but this is ultimately a skill we want to work towards!!