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How often do you run sessions?  

We run new sessions starting every two months (February, April, June, August, October, December).  The individual classes offered are decided by the instructors.  Visit our schedule for more information. 

How many weeks long is a class?  What time of day?

Most classes are six weeks long.  During that period, you will have complete access at any time of day or night.  After class ends, you'll still be able to see the forum for a few more weeks, but there will no more feedback from your instructors.  For one year after class, you will have a library pass that will allow you to review videos and lectures from your courses at your leisure.

The class I need is not on the schedule.  Can I purchase it for the lecture notes only?

No. Unlike a DVD which has no culture or underlying community, we are a school, and as such we feel it is important that people take the full class with the forums and instructor feedback - not just the lecture notes - whenever possible!  As a result, you cannot purchase classes outside of the period of time when they are offered (with the exception of prerequisite and retired courses).

How can I see what classes my favorite instructors have scheduled?

Visit our instructors page and choose your instructor to view their bio page and scheduled upcoming courses.