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How do I sign up for a course?

Start by clicking on the Schedule link at the top of this page.  If registration is open, select the course you wish to take from the list and click on that link.  From that page, click on the registration link and choose the enrollment level you are interested in. This webpage describes the steps in more detail.

Why does it say that registration is closed? When can I register?

Registration opens on the 22nd of the month preceding the course start date (ie March 22 for courses beginning April 1st)  and close on the 15th day of the month the session has started (ie April 15 for courses starting April 1st).  You cannot register outside of this period.   

How often do you run sessions?  

We run new sessions starting every two months (February, April, June, August, October, December).  The individual classes offered are decided by the instructors.  Visit our schedule for more information. 

What does it mean when it says a class is using a lottery system for the Gold spots?

Some of our classes are extremely popular and as a result, they fill instantly when enrollment opens.  To allow more people a chance at a spot in those classes at the Gold level, we have instituted a lottery system for a very small number of classes (rarely more than two or three per term).  If the registration tab says the Gold spots will be assigned by lottery then that means you need to enter the lottery when it opens (usually a week before regular registration) for a chance at a Gold spot. We send out an email to inform all of our current or former students of classes that will be run by lottery, so make sure that you are on our mailing list so that you will be notified!  If you win a spot in the class, you will be expected to pay the full $260 and enroll at the Gold level within 12 hours of notification.  If some spots are not claimed another lottery will be run to fill the class with the remaining contestants.  We ask that you do not enter the lottery unless you plan to enroll if you win.  Repeated violation of this rule will eliminate you from eligibility from future lotteries.

The course I want has a prerequisite.  Can I sign up for Gold in the current class without it?

No.  If a class has a prerequisite listed then the instructor feels that success in the current class requires the prior class to have been taken at any level as long as the student has sufficiently mastered the materials.  As a result, you cannot sign up for Gold or Silver.  You MAY sign up for bronze, but do so knowing that you are taking a risk, because you may lack the foundation knowledge which is assumed for the current class.  

Other courses have "recommended" classes.  In that case, you may sign up for gold even if you do not have the recommended class.

Can I buy that prerequisite class?  

If a class is running that requires an earlier class, then the prerequisite class will be available for sale during open registration for the current term.  For example, if you want to take "Drives and Control 2" but you do not have "Drives and Control 1", then when registration opens for Drives and Control 2, you may purchase the first level class at the same time.  Be aware that you are purchasing the teacher's lecture notes and videos only - there will be no forum for the first level class because it is not in session.  Purchases are never made outside of open registration for any courses.  

To make a prerequisite purchase, please visit our Prerequisite page during open enrollment.

I want to sign up for a course at bronze or silver level that has a prerequisite that I do not have.   Will I be allowed to register? 

Our system does not "check" to ensure that you meet the requirements for a class.  If you believe that you can follow the materials without the prerequisite class, and if you are enrolling at bronze or silver, then you will be able to register.  If you choose this path, be aware that the instructor will not repeat materials from the earlier level(s), and you will not be allowed to ask questions about materials from the earlier levels.  If you are unsure about the suitability of a class for your skill level, please contact the instructor before enrolling to check the suitability of the class for your situation, but be aware that you are enrolling at a higher level class 'at your own risk'.  There are no refunds once classes begin.

What is a retired class?  When can I purchase it?

A retired class is one that will not run again, so it becomes available for purchase.  Some retired classes simply didn't garner sufficient enrollment to justify running them as a live class, and others are retired because they are "time critical" (such as a puppy class) so it makes more sense to offer them year round.  You can purchase retired classes during open enrollment only.

The class I need is not on the schedule.  Can I purchase it for the lecture notes only?

No. Unlike a DVD which has no culture or underlying community, we are a school, and as such we feel it is important that people take the full class with the forums and instructor feedback - not just the lecture notes - whenever possible!  As a result, you cannot purchase classes outside of the period of time when they are offered (with the exception of prerequisite and retired courses).

The class I wanted has filled! Can you put me on the waiting list?

No.  We do not maintain a waiting list.  If a spot opens up in a level that already filled, we offer the currently enrolled students the opportunity to upgrade their status on the first day of class.