NW250: NW3 Prep - Mental Strategies and Advanced Puzzles

Instructor: Stacy Barnett

Course Details

NW3 is a whole new ballgame.  The emphasis shifts to pressured searches and handler mind games.  Pass rates tend to plummet at this level.  Get ready for the rigors of trialing at advanced levels with this class.  Feel confident going in and confident in making the right calls.  In this class, we will cover topics such as:

  • advanced scent puzzles (NW3 Level and Elite Division Level)
  • developing the right startline routine for your specific dog
  • assessing your dog’s alerts and how they differ under stress
  • learning to read your dog in blank rooms
  • improving your handling so that you cover the entire search area in the fastest time possible
  • acclimation strategies for your dog and dealing with handler nerves
  • searching for an unknown number of hides
  • building mental stamina

This class is appropriate for any team looking to build NW3 skills or who are already trialing at the NW3 level.  If you are getting close to finishing your NW3 Elite and would like to try more challenging puzzles...  Advanced Scent Puzzles each week will have an Elite Division option.