TR210: Tracking Distractions, Contaminations and Crosstracks

Instructor: Lucy Newton

Course Details

This class will focus primarily on an important and critical aspect of tracking: STARTS! A dog can be a fantastic tracker, but if he fails to get off the start, then all that skill is pointless.  In this class, we will work short tracks and concentrate on shaping correct starts. In addition to working on smooth starts, we will take the opportunity to work through challenges and distractions. We will put these close to the beginning of the short tracks we do for the class but they will include many of the distractions or challenges that you may find on a track. We work these challenges and distractions by challenging the dog - but only in increments that he can handle. The goal is to create conditions that are challenging (and some occur quite often in trialing), set the dog up for success, and then jackpot him with the reward for completing the short track successfully. This class requires that the students be creative and enthusiastic in seeking out the correct conditions. We want to control the distractions and set up EXACTLY what the dog needs in order to be successful.

In addition to working through many of the common challenges and distractions you will find at all levels of tracking - we will also be covering training crosstracks. Crosstracks are obviously a deliberate distraction place on the track, which is everything that we will be doing in this class. However, I will also discuss a good way to setup crosstracks and train for them in a way that avoids error and allows the dog to learn to choose the correct track or the crosstrack.