Lucy Newton

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lucyLucy Newton was involved in search and rescue for over 15 years, training numerous personal dogs for wilderness search and rescue, as well as land and water human remains detection. She has deployed for hundreds of missing person cases in both urban and remote wilderness locations. She has also provided training to hundreds of search and rescue dog handlers and their canines.

Lucy also worked for over 10 years as a full-time police sergeant and police canine handler and handled multiple dual purpose patrol/narcotics canines for her police department. Lucy raised and trained all of her police and SAR dogs from puppies. Lucy was a state certified police canine training instructor and served as a field training officer for her department. Lucy has received awards for life saving finds made by her working dogs; they have also had successful finds in human remains detection, evidence recovery, and narcotics detection.

In 2013 Lucy took a full-time position as an instructor and trainer for the Randy Hare School for Dog Trainers teaching detection trainer schools and working dog training classes to law enforcement, military, and professional dog trainers. In addition, Lucy has served as a consultant and trainer for a Colorado-based business that trains dogs to detect a wide variety of plant and animal products important to conservation research projects.

In 2017 Lucy re-located to Mebane North Carolina where she continues to offer high level training and instruction to police, search and rescue, working and sport dog handlers. At Front Sight K-9 Lucy offers board and train programs for sport and working dogs. She also provides coaching for students involved in various dog sports, primarily in obedience, tracking, nosework and foundation work for IPO/Schutzhund.

In addition to training dogs for police and search & rescue, Lucy competes in a variety of sports with her own dogs as well. Her now retired patrol/narcotics detection partner, Steel, has the distinction of having achieved an AKC Tracking Championship as well as an IPO TR1 title in addition to having been a certified police tracking dog. Lucy has achieved titles on her dogs in obedience, tracking and Schutzhund. She is also a National Association of Canine Nose Work Judge and is in the approval process to be an AKC Scent Work Judge.

Lucy is also currently the service dog trainer for the American Humane's Shelter-to-Service Program. This program trains shelter dogs to be service dogs and pairs them with veterans coping with post-traumatic stress and/or traumatic brain injury.

Lucy has taught a variety of clinics throughout the United States and Canada. She currently offers various seminars focusing on aspects of tracking, nosework/detection or scent theory & dynamics. Regardless of the venue, Lucy emphasizes a training philosophy that allows the dog to satisfy his drive and control his own avenue to reinforcement. Her goal is to create high drive, thinking working and sport dogs that can work independently of the handler and be accurate and successful under a variety of conditions.

Lucy also offers private coaching to sport dog handlers, specializing in helping handlers understand how dogs communicate and learn in order to create better performances as well as develop a better working relationship regardless of the venue.