BH250: Creativity with Cue Concepts

Instructor: Donna Hill

Course Details

Have you ever wondered how you can use cues to improve your dog's performance? Or why your dog inconsistently responds to a cue you give? Have you suspected that she's actually responding to a different cue than the one you think you're giving? Are you sure she really understands your verbal cues?  

In this class, we'll address all of these questions, and more! We will discuss exactly what a cue is, the different forms cues can take, and how to find out which ones make the most sense to your dog. You will learn the fastest and easiest way to add cues to behaviors, how to train several cues for the same action, and how to change cues. You'll discover the secrets to stimulus control (that elusive ability to get control over a cue so that your dog only does the behavior when you ask for it) and latency (the speed at which your dog responds to you). 

Not feeling creative? Creativity can be learned! Throughout the class, we'll be looking at the many ways we can improve the variety of imaginative new ideas for behaviors our dogs can do. 

We'll also play with some fun advanced concepts, like "teaching with opposites" in order to proof a cue, using cues as reinforcers, how chaining and back chaining work, and the concept of "adduction" (adding two behaviors together) in order to teach really cool combination tricks. 

In this class you can choose to improve response to cues for behaviors from almost any sport or combination of sports: obedience, rally, rally FREE, agility, tricks for therapy dogs, parkour, freestyle and others!