OB650: Problem Solving for Open and Utility

Instructor: Nancy Gagliardi Little

Course Details

Here is your chance to get help with you dog’s Open and/or Utility training. Whether it is a big or small issue, Nancy will isolate the details that need attention. Then she will help you develop a training plan for your dog that will move you forward towards the desired behavior. Nancy brings a lot of judging (20+ years) and training experience (4 OTChs and many national rankings and tournament placements) into her teaching. Her problem-solving classes are wonderful opportunities to learn lots of great training exercises, handling tips, and tools.

Gold Students - You decide which areas that need help. We will start with one training issue and when you have a training plan, you can address additional problems.

Silver Students – We are going to try something new for Silver students. Silver students will be able to submit 2 short videos - one minute each - during the 6 weeks session. Nancy will analyze each video and help you develop a training plan. As always, you can also ask any question about the training that the Gold students are working through. There will be many interesting training topics. If you aren't sure, sign up at bronze, get a feel for the class and then if you want to upgrade to silver, come back here.

Bronze students:  There is a WEALTH of information being discussed in this class.  Once the Gold students introduce themselves during the first week and decide on an problem, Nancy will update the class syllabus with a list of the dogs that are participating as well as the training exercises or areas they plan on working.