OB610: Getting the Most Out of Your Ring Performance

Instructor: Nancy Gagliardi Little

Course Details

Are you losing points in the obedience ring? Are you getting ready to trial your dog in obedience and would like to clean up one or two exercises? Would you like help pointing out areas that need some training? Do you want help with handling? Want an OTCh? Want to just get through Novice with your first dog? Whether you are an experienced obedience competitor or someone that has never shown in the ring, this class will help you learn what is needed to do to improve your performance and your scores. You might want to work on petty little 1/2 point deductions from your ring performance. You might want suggestions to help prepare you for the ring. Or you might not even know what you need yet - but you want someone to tell you what you need. 

This class will focus more on the fine tuning of exercises or performances. Fine tuning doesn't have to mean high scores, either. With some dogs, it doesn't make sense to ask for perfection - we want happy, confident dogs in the ring as the goal for trialing.

Nancy judged AKC obedience trials for over 20 years, including 4 regional and national obedience tournaments. She put an OTCh on her Novice A Labrador Retriever and also placed in national tournaments. She completed AKC OTChs on 4 dogs and placed in many national tournaments with these dogs. Nancy can help you pinpoint areas that will help improve your performance.

This course will be based on the needs of the Gold students. There aren't any formal lectures planned - the information for this class will be included in the Gold student's homework forum. These forums will be archived and included in your library at the end of the class instead of lectures.  

Gold Students - You decide which areas that need help or Nancy can help you decide. 

Silver Students – Silver students will be able to submit 2 short videos - one minute each - during the 6 weeks session. As always, you can also ask any question about the training that the Gold students are working through. There will be many interesting training topics. If you aren't sure, sign up at bronze, get a feel for the class and then if you want to upgrade to silver, come back here.

Bronze students:  There is a WEALTH of information being discussed in this class.  Once the Gold students introduce themselves during the first week and decide on an problem, Nancy will update the class syllabus with a list of the dogs that are participating as well as the training exercises or areas they plan on working.