OB260: Advanced Confidence Building for the Obedience and Rally Ring

Instructor: Denise Fenzi

Course Details

This course adds additional people, dogs, challenges and more complex exercises to the ones introduced in the Ring Confidence Course.

Each of these exercises is designed to target a specific aspect of the competition ring.  We will consider the role of additional people, dogs and environmental distractions to our work.  While most of the exercises will continue to focus on creating a super bright and positive attitude towards the ring, we will now add some work within the ring, so the dog can become comfortable either playing or working in a competition setting.

THIS CLASS ASSUMES AN ABSOLUTE MINIMUM OF TWO PEOPLE PER EXERCISE, and many require more!  Each concept will offer a basic training version and then a series of challenge versions.  There is no requirement or expectation that all working teams be able to perform every challenge exercise.  As always, handlers will be encouraged to work at the right level for thier dog. There is no expectation of keeping up with the other dogs in this course or even within their group.

Each week you will be given a series of skill challenges to try out with your training friends!  The lectures will help you set up exercises to maximize the chances of success and will also present options for addressing failure, when it occurs.  Familiarity with the techniques offered in Ring Confidence Part 1 will be assumed and referenced, and will not be reviewed in this class.

When you and your dog have mastered the exercises in this course, your team should be ready for the realities of competition! 

Want to see what you might be doing in this class?  Check out this promotional video!: