FE295: Infinite Possibilities - Think your way to success with Focus and Clarity

Instructor: Andrea Harrison

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Taken All In your Head? Handle This? Joy of Teaching?  Want to keep improving your mental game? Building your mental toolbox? Delving into planning and goal-setting in more detail? Looking at your specific classes? If so, Infinite Possibilities is the course for you. (This is a follow-up course often; students usually benefit from have taken a course with Andrea prior to taking this one. If students have a particular focus for the course they want to cover and process they are welcome to sign up) 

Finding motivation, dealing with ring nerves, coping with stress and changing plans, working with the animal you have not the one you wanted are all examples of the kinds of possibilities you may want to continue working on, but the list is truly endless. Perhaps you want to challenge your ability to remember courses, learn more about the workings of the brain, or process grief for a lost companion. It really is your choice how you use your thread.

Students will have a safe, small, private, and supportive place to break down issues and work on their mental game. A significant part of the process will be building up, and using, individuals’ mental “ toolboxes” through discussions and personalized homework. You may use material and issues from other courses or start completely fresh.

This course is gold level only and kept small deliberately in order to keep it private and personal. What happens in IP stays in IP!

There will be material posted weekly dealing with both Mindfulness and Emotional well-being, which will provide prompts for students who want a more directed thread with formal general homework but students are welcome to do what they want/need in the course.