AG500: Agility Problem Solving

Instructor: Nancy Gagliardi Little

Course Details

Have a stubborn agilty problem?  Weaves?  Teeter issues?  Can't master a front cross?  Need help smoothing out your courses?  We've got a great option for you! This class, Agility Problem Solving, is effectively a series of private agility video lessons.  You'll videotape your work and get feedback. Any topic, except running contacts, is fair game.

Gold level spots will choose what they want to work on, whether it's a specific handling problem or a particular obstacle. This class will not include a lecture portion since it will be highly dependent on which students enroll and what issues they bring to the table.  As a result, we will allow students at all levels to retain access to the forums for one year from the date of enrollment.

Silver Students, you can join and ask questions about the training that that Gold students are working on. We will not address any personal training questions. If you want to know what types of training the Gold students are working on, contact Nancy after October 1st.