FE260: I’m just little! Foundation skills for smaller (or less confident) competition dogs

Instructor: Denise Fenzi

Course Details

In general, training is training and it simply does not matter if a dog is tiny or super sized. But in a world full of big feet, tall people, and large hands, there are some challenges specific to little dogs. Complicating matters, in a world full of large dogs, it's easy for the trainers to feel like their dog's unique needs are being ignored. 

If you have a dog who is sensitive to space and pressure, who struggles to work at a distance, or who is intimidated by his fellow canines, this class is for you! We'll focus on making our pint-size partners more comfortable. While this class will teach you relatively few specific obedience or agility skills, it WILL provide a range of foundation skills, exercises, and modifications to allow you to progress more rapidly when you do start to introduce the specifics of your sport. 

Join Denise Fenzi and her super star small dog Brito and learn how to make your small dog as confident as possible in this full sized world!   Note that some of the video material is demonstrated with larger dogs.

Please Note: This class is also appropriate for larger dogs who are simply extra sensitive and need a confidence boost.