FE410: Stir Crazy - Games for Small Spaces & Indoors

Instructor: Donna Hill

Course Details

Does your dog drive you bananas on those indoor winter days? Do you have a small space that just doesn't seem big enough to occupy your dog? Then join us as we discuss some fun ways to burn off both mental and physical energy and learn skills you and your dog will need once you spring rolls around and you can practice your sport! 
While playing, you will both practice foundations skills and concepts you’ll need in dog sports the rest of the year: impulse control, directionals (left and right), recalls, send aways, adding distance, and generalizing the nose touch and push. Also front and rear crosses for agility and frestyle. Your dog will learn to do behaviors both when moving towards you and while moving away, and he will be introduced to some overall body awareness. Meanwhile, you will learn some shaping techniques, how to break the games into small achievable pieces, how to put them all together, and how to build complexity in the games. 
Gold students can foucs on one type of game or dabble in both and will post videos as they progress. Some homework quiestions focus on your own situation and dog's preferences and abilities.

I call them "cone games" and non-retrieving "ball games".

This class will be especially good for building confidence in fearful and sensitive dogs, and it's ideal for dogs too young to jump, those with joint issues, and older dogs who might struggle with pain. 
List of some of the Games:
3 Body Awareness Games
Around We Go!
A Cone and a Chair
Star Crossed
Parachute Recalls
This Way and That
9 ball games including
Ball Edge Game
Cheater! Cheater!
Dog Dominos
Clown College
Nose Strike!
Ping Pong
Check out the trailer!


Here is FDSA student Cat Morgans' video of what she accomplished with her two Schnauzers Pixie and Lola. 
This was her very first Fenzi class. Didn't they all do well?