NW460: Woulda Shoulda Coulda – Learning from Trial Experiences

Instructor: Julie Symons

Course Details

How often have you thought or said: "I would have passed if I didn't do X or placed if I did Y". What we really need to be thinking is what can we learn from what happened so that we can recover and improve for our next trial. Trial experience is unique and required to grow and progress in any sport. The experience gives us information to improve our game and training. Although there are now more opportunities to trial we still don't get as many chances as other sports. Therefore it's really important that we use this information to recover and learn for the next time out!

Using my experience competing regionally and nationally across many sports over the past 20+ years, I will coach teams to reach their full trial potential. We'll analyze what happened in our trial searches, including instructor trial videos!, discuss why we responded the way we did and how to maximize learning from trial challenges. We'll review trial or blind training videos and create a lesson plan just for you!  We'll learn how to listen to our gut, and use our training experience to confidently read our dogs AND the environment. Often making a mistake teaches us more than many passes! And that one mistake that we can learn from will make the future more successful! 

And let's face it, our success is more to do with us than our dogs. How we arpproach the search, the decisions we need to make on the fly and way before that, our training. Since I'm focusing more on YOU, the handler, you may submit video for up to 2 trialing dogs. The more we can see you in action when trialing the more we can fine tune a specific plan going forward.

Weekly lessons will also be rolled out for homework submission to supplement trial video review. These will cover general and level specfic skill exercises, handling tips and focused lessons on staying engaged and connected with your canine partner.

We will also cover trial nerves and how we can learn to cope with and prepare you AND your dog for those feelings and situations. Everyone is nervous at a competition!! A new dog, a new level, a new sport, a new location ... a top competition, people watching, being video'd. It's a pretty big part of a trial experience!

Also featured in the course is a lecture on common search errors from "The Judge's Corner". You'll gain front row seat experience from a respected judge and competitor. We'll share trial bloopers to illustrate these key points.

Come join us as we take this game and soar to the top!