N130J: NW130 - Developing Advanced Nosework Skills

Instructor: Julie Symons

Course Details

Want to continue the Nosework fun?  Then this class is for you!  
This is the third skills level course in our nose/scent work program and will build on the skills acquired in the previous two skills classes.  We will search for odor only and work to develop the teamwork necessary for successful trialing - and that involves trusting your dog to lead you to source. We will cover training skills such as:
  • thresholds and corners,
  • environmental considerations around airflow and weather conditions,
  • aged hides,
  • non-box containers,
  • how to set up and work through distractions,
  • how to evaluate search are challenges/approach,
  • how to effectively search an area,
  • multiple hides,
  • inaccessibles,
  • advanced vehicle searches,
  • building search stamina,
  • combo odors,
  • what to expect when trialing, 
  • assessing trial readiness, and
  • problem solving individual team skills.
This class is open to any dog who is currently searching for odor only; titles are not required. If you are not currently trialing, don't let the topics discourage you, as they are all easily modified for each dog. Our techniques also apply to all trialing organizations. Nose Work is Scent Work and Scent Work is Nose Work! Our goal is always to increase the challenge in increments that the dog can handle and successfully overcome!!
Here's a fun class compilation!