FE565: Finding Five - Training for a Busy World

Instructor: Chrissi Schranz

Course Details

Too much work, and too little time? Too exhausted to train your dog at the end of a busy day? Feeling guilty for not having exercised her enough? Come join us in Finding Five!

We’ll be looking at 5 common training obstacles and find creative and practical solutions for each of them, and you'll learn to ... 

  • find untapped pockets of training time in your busy life
  • write training plans
  • break down larger goals into 5-minute sessions or less
  • tackle the hardships of deciding what to work on (and which dog to work)
  • strengthen known behaviors with proofing and generalization games
  • explore your relationship with your dog in written assignments that will help you increase your motivation to train, play, or simply spend time with her.

Most of this class can be done indoors and in small spaces.