Tuition: $65 bronze, $130 silver and $260 Gold.  Class Length: 6 weeks with rare exceptions.  See our FAQ.  

Enrollment opens:  22nd of the month preceding the term.  Click here for time at FDSA (pacific time).       New students note that your account will be created automatically as a result of your first enrollment.  

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June 1, 2017

Courses starting on June 1, 2017

Registration for these classes will start on May 22, 2017 and end on June 15, 2017. Registration times are staggered, please click on each class link below to find out exact time registration opens. Note that if you are interested in a Bronze spot, you can sign up at any time during the registration period, those spots are unlimited.
  • BH150: Management for Reactive Dogs taught by Amy Cook
  • BH300: Worked Up! Understanding, assessing, and soothing arousal in sport dogs taught by Sarah Stremming
  • FE193: Don't Worry Be Happy taught by Andrea Harrison
  • FE298: Unleash Personal Potential taught by Andrea Harrison
  • FE515: Hound About Town -- Lifestyle Skills and Manners Training For Our Urban Dogs taught by Heather Lawson
  • FF470: Cookie Jar Games taught by Julie Daniels
  • FE120: Performance Fundamentals taught by Deborah Jones, Judy Keller
  • FE130: Toys - Developing Cooperation and Play taught by Shade Whitesel
  • FE140: Engagement taught by Denise Fenzi
  • FE265: Proof Positive taught by Mariah Hinds
  • FE460: Training Levels -- Level 2 taught by Sue Ailsby
  • CC110: K9 Conditioning taught by Debbie Gross
  • CC310: Canine Fitness Trainer 1 taught by Debbie Gross
  • CC330: Canine Fitness Trainer 3 taught by Debbie Gross
  • FE238: Structure and Movement taught by Sue Ailsby
  • DS315: Flying Disc 2 - Flips to Sequencing taught by Sara Brueske
  • DS520: Gun Dog Foundations 2 - Retriever Training taught by Cassia Turcotte
  • RA501: Rally-FrEe and Musical Freestyle Foundation Skills 1 taught by Julie Flanery
  • NW101: Introduction to Nosework taught by Melissa Chandler
  • NW120: Introduction to NW Search Elements taught by Julie Symons
  • NW130: Developing Advanced Nosework Skills taught by Stacy Barnett
  • NW260: Rockin Vehicles and Awesome Exteriors taught by Stacy Barnett
  • NW380: Developing your Trial IQ - Reading the Nosework Dog taught by Stacy Barnett
  • TR102: Foundation Tracking 2 taught by Lucy Newton
  • TR210: Tracking Challenges and Distractions taught by Lucy Newton
  • AG410: Intro to Distance in Agility taught by Amanda Nelson
  • AG530: Agility Handler's Choice taught by Amanda Nelson
  • OB200: Precision Heeling taught by Denise Fenzi
  • OB210: Obedience Skillbuilding 1 taught by Hannah Branigan
  • OB462: Shaping a Confident and Flashy Heel-Moving Foundations taught by Shade Whitesel
  • OB535: Advanced FCI Heelwork taught by Kamal Fernandez
  • OB565: Handler's Choice taught by Kamal Fernandez
  • OB580: Articles from the Ground Up taught by Laura Waudby
  • Need a prerequisite course?:  Please go to our Prerequisites Classes page.