OB460: Shaping a Flashy and Confident Heel - Foundations

Instructor: Shade Whitesel

Course Details

My absolute favorite way to teach heeling is by shaping! Since heeling is such a complicated behavior chain with many different skills factoring in (head position, gait and rear end awareness being just a couple), I teach each skill separately and then stick them together to make confident heeling. This class is the first of 3 on heeling, and is about the foundation behaviors needed for stationary heel position. It will also include left and right finishes, how to name them and pivots, including one and 2 steps and how to halt. Dogs that would do best in this class are ones that work well with food reward, and are of a higher motivated type. While we won't be using toy play in the majority of this class, it's easiest to get high motivation from dogs that like the arousal and excitement of toy play. Handlers who use toy reinforcement in the class are expected to have good rules for toy play, including a dog that brings back the toy to push the handler for more "work" without prompting from the handler, and a knowledge of how the game skills deteriorate when the dog is not getting what he needs from the training session.

This class will overlap with the obedience skills in the retired Drives and Control 1 and 2 classes.