FE660: Chase the Dog - Photographing Dogs in Motion

Instructor: Amy Johnson

Course Details

This is a course about photographing moving subjects, whether it be dogs, birds, or tractors.

There are no FDSA class prerequisites for this class.  However, this is an advanced photography class and not intended for students who are beginning photographers.  (Shoot the Dog, also offered this term, is a great class to consider if you're not ready for this one!)

If you've ever wondered how the pros get those dynamic action shots, this is the class to take!  You will learn strategies to improve the chances of getting your own dynamic action shots, as well as how to set reasonable expectations for the number of great images you'll get in any given session.  (Hint: it's WAAAAY less than you think.)

This class will consist of a mix of written lectures and screen-capture videos.  Photo Lab assignments are given two times a week.  

GOLD STUDENTS have an "All Access Pass" for this class. You will complete the Photo Labs and receive feedback on the results. You can post in your own Homework Forum thread, as well as posting more general questions that may apply to all students here in the Class Discussion forum.

SILVER STUDENTS will be to post one photo a week (6 total), accompanied by a specific question about the photo, as well as participate in the Discussion forum.  This will allow Silver students to get direct feedback on a limited number of their photos and any problems they have encountered.  Photos can only be posted once a week and cannot be rolled over for future weeks.

BRONZE STUDENTS are auditors and can read everything that is written, but not interact with the students or instructor directly.

See the "Prerequisites & Supplies" for details about the equipment I recommend for the class.