FE650: Adjust the Dog - Introduction to Lightroom

Instructor: Amy Johnson

Course Details

This course is designed to introduce the basics of post-processing.  The software we will use is Adobe Lightroom Classic, but it is also possible to use Camera Raw in Photoshop Bridge instead.  Post-production work will emphasize enhancing our images, not "fixing" them.

We will be using Lightroom Classic.  You may use other photo editing software, but the instructor will be able to provide detailed technical support for only Lightroom (and equivalent processes in Photoshop).  

Expect 2 assignments per week, plus additional submissions with revisions to your images based on instructor feedback.  

Completion of Shoot the Dog and/or Expose the Dog is strongly recommended.  You may sign up for a Gold level spot if you have not completed Shoot the Dog and/or Expose the Dog, BUT knowledge and a mastery of the basic photography skills from those classes will be assumed.  This includes, but is not limited to, a strong understanding of and ability to use manual exposure mode to reliably take properly exposed photos.

Computer skills required to be successful in this class:
  • Strong level of comfort with computers in general
  • Understand the directory structure of your hard drive (where image files are located)
  • Where to find files downloaded from a web browser
  • How to upload photos to Google Photos album
  • Create screenshots and upload them to a Google Photos album
  • Describe problems in detail to enable better troubleshooting by the instructor

If you want to get started in Lightroom before the class begins (and I recommend that you do!), there are a TON of online resources to introduce you to the basics, many of them free.  

If you need a good quick start for Lightroom, you can get one at "The Lightroom Queen" by signing up for their mailing list.  


If you don't want to stay on the mailing list, just sign up, get the free ebook, and then unsubscribe right away.  I have an email address that is only used for things like this so that it doesn't clutter up my main inbox.  You could sign up for a Gmail account that you would then use exclusively for mailing lists and other things related to photography, including this class.