FE640: Compose the Dog - Photographic Composition

Instructor: Amy Johnson

Course Details

Compose the Dog is where we bring everything together! In many ways, it’s the capstone for the series of photography classes I offer here at FDSA. We take everything you know about exposure and post-processing and add a layer of "how to arrange all the things" and come out on the other side with a beautifully composed photograph.
Compositon is not for the benefit of the photographer.  Composition is for the benefit of those with whom the photographer is trying to communicate.  Be sure to read the Sample Lecture to get a better understanding of why composition is necessary to becoming a better photographer.
Expect 2 assignments per week, plus additional submissions with revisions to your images based on instructor feedback.  
Completion of Shoot the Dog and/or Expose the Dog is strongly recommended.  You may sign up for a Gold level spot if you have not completed Shoot the Dog and/or Expose the Dog, BUT knowledge and a mastery of the basic photography skills from those classes will be assumed.  This includes, but is not limited to, a strong understanding of and ability to use manual exposure mode to reliably take properly exposed photos.
Computer skills required to be successful in this class:
  • Strong level of comfort with computers in general
  • Understand the directory structure of your hard drive (where image files are located)
  • Where to find files downloaded from a web browser
  • How to upload photos to Google Photos album
  • Create screenshots and upload them to a Google Photos album
Students who have taken Adjust the Dog and/or are comfortable in Lightroom are encouraged to shoot in RAW and apply their post-processing skills to their images when instructed.
Students who prefer to shoot in JPG are equally welcome in this class!  There will be a few lessons that are geared towards techniques in Lightroom, but there will be accommodations made for non-Lightroom users.  Just don’t be surprised if you find yourself thinking about making the switch to RAW as we proceed through the class.  :-)