NW380: Developing your Trial IQ: Reading the NW Dog

Instructor: Stacy Barnett

Course Details


Note: Week one class lectures will be released on June 1st but your instructor will not join the classroom until Monday, June 4 due to participation in the FDSA Training Camp. This class will be extended to July 15th to allow for this delay.

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This class is ALL ABOUT figuring out to to be prepared for a trial and learning the #1 most important skill in nosework...  READING YOUR DOG!  This class will give you the nuances that you need to really understand what your dog is doing in the scent.  This class is CRITICAL for both beginners AND folks new to unknown number of hides...  Can you tell how many scent cones your dog is searching?

Did you know that part of knowing how to read your dog when he's in odor is to also read him when he's NOT in odor?

Do you know when to call Finish because you've found all of the hides?

Do you rely on a final response to tell you that your dog has found the hide?

We will address all of these and more!!

The trick to trialing is:

(1) bring a prepared dog

(2) manage the "mental game", and

(3) read your dog!

If you want to be successful you need to have all of these, and none can be underestimated.  This class will teach you how to be successful!

#1 and #2...  is all about preparation and being in the moment...

Reading Your Dog though.....that's an art and a science all rolled up together.  In this class learn how to read YOUR dog by watching YOUR dog and OTHER dogs.  Become a keen observer; Stacy will show you how!