DS320: Disc Dog - Strategies for Strategy Games

Instructor: Sara Brueske

Course Details

Strategy games are the new upcoming trend in the Disc Dog world. Skyhoundz Disc Dogathon and UpDog Challenge have created new innovative challenges to test the skills of disc dog teams.  This course will cover each of the strategy games in detail providing drills to help perfect the skills needed for each particular game as well as the knowledge to develop strategies best suited for your individual team.  Toss and catch will also be covered in this "everything but freestyle" disc dog class.

Materials needed: one disc-driven dog, one excited to learn handler, up to 8 discs and a set of 8 low profile cones. Minimal agility equipment (2 jumps at the least, tunnel is even better) is necessary for Frizgility and Funkey exercises. 

Building disc drive will not be covered in this course.