FE210: Shaping

Posted in Electives

Instructor: Sue Ailsby

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There are three positive ways of getting a behavior - capturing, luring, and shaping. Of these, shaping is by far the most difficult - and the most fun. With shaping, you can literally teach your dog to perform any behavior he is physically capable of doing. Shaping will bring you closer to seeing into your dog's thoughts than you ever thought possible.

Whether you've heard about shaping and don't know what all the fuss is about, or you're just not confident in your ability to form this very special relationship with your dog, we'll be here to help you master each step along the way. Instructor Sue Ailsby will help you work through the process - selecting appropriate exercises to start with, introducing the clicker, and helping you develop your timing and criteria.  In this fun, educational, and entertaining class, you'll be able to watch your training skills skyrocket while introducing you to a smart, willing, exciting, intelligent partner - your own dog!