FE630: Clone the Dog - Photoshop for Photographers

Instructor: Amy Johnson

Course Details

Photoshop is a GINORMOUS piece of software and we cannot do more than scratch the surface of its features.  The class will introduce as many topics as is comfortable without overwhelming you, but mastery of those topics is not something that is expected or even possible after only six weeks.  The goal of the class is to show you what is possible so that you feel comfortable experimenting and practicing on your own when the class is finished.  I want to empower you to play with your images in Photoshop!

The syllabus lists some of the potential topics to be covered, as well as topics that will not be included in the course.
This class is meant for photographers, not graphic designers.  We will start all of our projects with an image (or several), as opposed to creating from a blank canvas.  Students will need to provide their images for most projects and should be comfortable with their camera and len(es).  If this is not the case, it is strongly recommended starting with Shoot the Dog which will be offered again in June 2018.  
Students will also use images provided by the instructor for some lessons.  Images will be available through a link in Dropbox.  
This is a highly technical class.  I will be making many assumptions about what you are capable of doing on a computer.  Please see the “Equipment and Prerequisites” tab for a partial list of skills that you need in order to feel comfortable in this class as a Gold student.