NW340: The Four Cornerstones of Trial Preparation

Instructor: Stacy Barnett

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What are the Four Cornerstones of Trial Preparation?  Quite simply they are: Confidence, Motivation, Skills and Stamina.  This is the "secret sauce" to developing a successful Nosework teammate.  Depending on the level that we are preparing for, our emphasis on the cornerstones change.  Typically, if a team is having troubles at a certain level, most definitely it's a deficit in one of the cornerstones.

Before we embark on our journey of trial preparation, we need to first and foremost address CONFIDENCE and MOTIVATION.  These are two basics that will form the backbone of a successful team.  Is your dog's core confidence there to search a novel environment?  Is your dog confident in his training?  Does he work independently with JOY?  Is your dog excited to work?  Does your dog LOVE to work in novel locations?  You can imagine if the answers to any of these question is no, just how hard trial preparation will be!

SKILLS and STAMINA are just as critical and build on CONFIDENCE and MOTIVATION.  Does your dog work through a new challenge without fear of failure?  Are you able to train new skills without over-facing your dog?  Does your dog get mentally or physically fatigued in training?

This class is a Prequel to NW350 but can be taken at any time.  This class is especially helpful for sensitive, environmental or reactive dogs.  It's also heavily suitable for any green dog or a more experienced dog who lacks confidence or motivation.

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