BH110: Dealing with the Bogeyman - Helping Fearful Reactive and Stressed Dogs

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Instructor: Amy Cook 

Course Details

Is your dog brilliant at home but shuts down at the show? Does he bark and lunge at people or dogs? Is she afraid of the teeter? Does he seem generally stressed out? All of these common behaviors can be addressed through understanding basic rehabilitation principles! For a pet dog, dealing with behavior challenges is a good idea. For a competition dog, it is non-negotiable. Our goal is to make your dog enthusiastic about performance (and life!) so he can enjoy himself!

Dr. Amy Cook will address the issue of fearful and reactive competition dogs. Rather than teaching you the behaviors that are required for success in the ring of any specific sport, this class will teach you how to make your dog comfortable, confident, and focused in novel and challenging environments, which then can support your in-ring performances. Come learn about The Play Way! 

Gold level participants will be individually coached on how to work through their individual issues, whether specific to a thing (fear of the teeter) or generic (fear of strange dogs or people). You'll spend the first part of class learning or improving your dog's personal play so he can relax and have fun, and then for the remainder of the class you'll learn how to apply that therapeutically to your dog's situation through setups. Your dog will learn to look at his triggers in a new way, and play his stress away! This level is ideal if you need plenty of support getting a plan in place and applying it correctly. 

This class is focused on the Gold level students.  To gain value from this class, silver and bronze level students need to commit the time to following one or more Gold level students throughout the class in order to create a workable plan for their own dogs.

To get a working spot in this class, you need to first contact Dr. Cook and make sure the class is right for you. Do not sign up for a gold spot without taking this step!  

Important note:  The Bogeyman course is for dogs who either shut down when out and about, at a dog show, or have a specific stress issue that affects an aspect of their lives. If your dog only has issues in the performance ring, the Ring Confidence series is to create confidence in the ring in all dogs, but does not address specific fears or fearful dogs. Feel free to contact either Denise Fenzi or Amy Cook through the "people" link for clarification on which class is the best option for you.