RA501: Foundation Skills for Rally-FrEe and Musical Freestyle 1

Instructor: Julie Flanery

Course Details

Note: Week one class lectures will be released on June 1st but your instructor will not join the classroom until Monday, June 4 due to participation in the FDSA Training Camp. This class will be extended to July 15th to allow for this delay.

Rally-FrEe is a unique sport with the structure of a Rally course and the creativity of Musical Freestyle. To learn more about Rally-FrEe, please visit www.rallyfree.com

RA 501 is course 1 of 2 Foundation courses and is a pre-requisite for RA 502 Foundation 2. RA502 Foundation 2 is offered August 2017. It is recommended that both courses be completed.  RA500 will also be accepted as a pre-requisite to RA502.

Each sport has its own set of foundation skills that allow the dog and handler to move more quickly and confidently through the training process of more complex skills.  

For both Rally-FrEe and Freestyle, training transitions that include returning to a position are paramount to the team’s success. Transitions allow the dog and handler team to change position and/or direction without changing the dog’s flow of momentum.

We’ll focus on creating confidence and precision in foundation freestyle behaviors as well as creating clear and consistent criteria, often through the use of and environmental management.

An important aspect of both Rally-FrEe and Musical Freestyle is placing behaviors on verbal cues and eliminating the need for hand cues. We’ll go step by step through the process of putting value and meaning into your verbal cues, preventing both dog and handler from becoming dependent on hand cues.

RA501 and 502 are great for anyone wanting to venture into the sports of Freestyle or Rally-FrEe but also for instructors considering adding Rally-FrEe or Freestyle to their class curriculum.