OB590: Stand With Me

Instructor: Laura Waudby

Course Details

This course will focus on all things related the stand behavior!!!

Teaching a Stand

What style of stand should you train?!  A kickback stand?  Rear feet still?  A pop up stand?!  So many choices! Let's talk about what type of stand you should train for the dog performing it in heel and at a distance!  While we're at it, we might as well get a solid stand in motion too!

Here is a quick visual guide as to the different ways a dog can perfom a sit to stand!

Is the new AKC command discrimination exercise in open really all that difficult?  Let's talk about what parts we should prepare the dog for in gearing up for the formal exercise!


Do you have a wiggle butt dog who can't wait to smother the judge with love?  Labradors out there, listen up as I'm talking to you!  

Or is your dog a little suspicious of being approached when working?  He seems fine around people until he gets in the ring and then whoa who is that person coming up?!  

We will discuss laying a foundation through games so your dog has a solid understanding of freezing in the stand position.  Much of the foundation work will not require the use of a helper, although one will be needed at the actual exam stage.  We will not only build a positive association to being approached but give the dog an opt-out system to let us know if we pushed things a little bit too far with their comfort level.

Note: If your dog is very anxious around people, the Boogeyman course by Amy Cook will be a better fit. This class will assume that your dog is comfortable around people, but just doesn't want to be directly touched.  You can still take this class with your "Boogeyman" dog, but will likely work on mastering all the exercises that don't involve helpers.