FF280: Empowerment

Instructor: Julie Daniels

Course Details


A Course for Expanding your dog's Personal Power

Can your dog use some help with the physical and mental challenges of your favorite sport? Would you like for your dog to enjoy more activities with you? Would you like for your dog to meet new environments and novel stimuli with tail wagging and head held high?

This class will help your dog choose to expand his world.

Does your dog enjoy meeting new challenges? Does he need a moment to size up the effort, or does he charge in? Does he show curiosity and then need help with his coordination or his confidence? Does he investigate a physical skill with an open mind? Does he enjoy himself when he falls off the ball or the toy falls down with a crash? Does he do well with noise and balance and height and motion and pressure and space?

There are many dogs who have learned to tolerate the challenges of their sport, but they have not learned to love them. There is a world of difference between Tolerance and Empowerment!

We will use the concept of “Shaping for Demand” to help your dog start using each of our games to make you notice and make you pay. A new mindset is possible!

The right kind of exposure to new elements of difficulty can make all the difference in your dog's future success. And your dog's success with one activity makes it easier for him to succeed in other activities. Your dog will make physical and mental leaps of progress in this class!

Any age or size or breed of dog can benefit from the games we will play in Empowerment. Every game will be adapted for a dog who comes into the class with more confidence or less confidence. We can enjoy any baseline level of ability. We are only here to make personal progress.

We will build brain power and personal power. We will enhance your dog's self reliance and sense of fun. We will help him enjoy going over, under, around, and through all sorts of contraptions. We will be making noise and problem solving in our safe spaces and then out in the real world.

You will not need much space and you will not need fancy equipment. This is a terrific winter project. We will be dealing in concepts, not just in obstacles. So you will be able to create homemade substitutes for any of the class obstacles, and the more creative the better! Creativity challenges will be part of the course discussions!

I use everything from bakeware to plastic bags and scrap materials of all kinds in my games for building confidence and coordination. I can think of a way to get into your dog's head with a start point, and from there we will develop a plan. We are on a mission to create dogs who think that the unexpected in life is FUN!