OB600: Healing Your Heeling Handling

Instructor: Nancy Gagliardi Little

Course Details

This course is designed for experienced handlers as well as new obedience handlers that know nothing about the finer points of handling during heeling in obedience.

Dogs make mistakes in heeling when they are not properly cued with smooth, consistent, and clear movements by the handler. This class will help you identify the areas of potential confusion in your handling and also help you develop better handling skills. Once you clean up your handling, your dog's heeling will improve. 

Many people struggle with handling during heeling. Do you find yourself on the wrong foot at the wrong time? Do you focus so much on your feet that you are late in executing turns? Do you have trouble with getting your feet to behave properly during heeling. If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this class is for you. I have a unique way of incorporating handling which shifts your focus away from your feet.  

This class is also for you, if you are a Novice handler and you have no idea what it means to handle turns, starts, and stops in heeling. In fact, as a new handlers you might even have an advantage because you have not developed bad habits yet.

You will focus on handling without your dog. If your handling is perfect, you have been successfully challenged, and there is time, you can add your dog. 

Nancy is a creative, detailed oriented instructor. She is able to apply her knowledge from agility to help obedience handlers navigate through the heeling pattern (same concepts, just a different application). Nancy has a unique way of helping the handler - take their mind off of their feet and help clarify cues during heeling.

If this sounds interesting to you, come and join us!!