NW390: Nosework Games

Instructor: Melissa Chandler

Course Details

My philosophy is that all training is a series of games. Your dog loves to play games with you, and eventually all the games come together for a perfect performance. This course can help piece that together by providing a variety of games to cover many different skills. The course can help put the fun back into your searches, add a new twist to what you are already doing or take you to the next level. It is also a great option for any coordinator of search groups or instructors as everyone loves games in class!  The class is geared for beginner to NW3 level and the games will range from foundation to challenging hides. Some games will have multiple levels, others will have variations for each level. You can participate in some or all of the games, but there will be plenty to keep all teams busy and it may even help create your own game ideas. There will also be ideas for indoor games, tight spaces, as well as “on the road” and outdoor games.

We will also work on drive building games for those fragile, soft dogs as well as stay at source and hunting games. We will work different elements as well as elements can be interchanged in some of the games to spend your time focusing on the areas you and your dog need it most.