FE120: Performance Fundamentals

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Instructor: Deborah Jones and Judy Keller

Course Details

Not sure which class to take first here at Fenzi Academy? Well, this one is a great place to start!

This class is all about the foundation concepts and skills that will help you succeed on your training journey. This course is a perfect start for your new puppy or for an older dog who needs to build strong foundation skills with positive reinforcement training. 

Excellent training using positive and force-free methods requires an understanding of certain key concepts, which is why the lectures will cover the proper use of markers and reinforcers, when and how to add cues, how to change criteria, and using reinforcement schedules.  Excellent training also requires the skillful execution of techniques to get behaviors to happen (shaping, luring, targeting), to manipulate and change how behaviors are performed, and to establish generalization. 

As we study and apply these concepts and techniques, we'll establish the groundwork for a variety of obedience/rally skills and exercises. We will work on targeting, play, focus, impulse control, recalls, positions, retrieves, and heelwork. We will also introduce platforms and perch work.  In addition to the basic class exercises we will offer you a bonus exercise each week.  The bonus exercise will challenge you to take your skills to the next level.  

It is expected that students will be working at a variety of different levels from baby puppies to absolute beginners to more experienced positive trainers with young dogs to crossover trainers and dogs. We will help you individualize the work for the level that is appropriate for you and your dog. Once you have taken this class you and your dog will be ready to move forward and continue developing your skills, teamwork, and partnership.

This is an entry level survey course.  We will cover what we consider to be the most important foundation skills that you can then use later to build sport-specific behaviors.  This course is designed for young teams that are relatively early in their training careers, with or without an experienced trainer! 

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