NW230: Polishing Skills for NW2 and NW3

Instructor: Stacy Barnett

Course Details

Want to take your Nosework skills to the next level?

This is the fourth skill building course in our Nosework curriculum and will build on the skills acquired in our previous classes.  This class is appropriate for any team wishing to polish the more advanced skills of Nosework.  Although our curriculum starts dogs on odor using Operant Conditioning, the subsequent classes are suitable for teams regardless of how you train.

This class will take your NW2 and NW3 skills to the next level.  We will challenge you with topics such as:

  • advanced containers, proofing for distractions and working with luggage
  • converging odor from multiple hides
  • accessible vs. inaccessible hides
  • how to assess if a hide is inaccessible and when to call alert
  • how to deal with inaccessible vehicle hides
  • setting up advanced scent puzzles and improving detailing skills
  • dealing with hide elevation
  • building search stamina
  • generalization, generalization, generalization

Class Trailer:

Compilation of Student Videos from June 2015 Session: