TR311: VST Intro 2

Instructor: Lucy Newton

Course Details

This class continues with similar goals to TR310 Introduction to VST 1. In VST 1 we introduced the dog to hard surface tracking. We developed a plan to allow the dog to learn that the scent can be followed on surfaces other than grass. More importantly, the dog had an opportunity to develop a reward history on hard surfaces.

In this class we teach the dog not to make other assumptions about where the track can and cannot go. They learn to "expect the unexpected". We will  also discuss factors such as age, contamination and articles. We will also discuss transitioning between different surfaces and/or elevations and how to lay out training tracks. Like with VST 1, homework will consist of exercises that give the handler a plan to work though these different aspects of VST tracking. These homework exercises will be short tracks, designed to practice a single aspect of the VST track. Much of VST training consists of gradually challenging the dog and allowing him to "self teach" himself how to solve scent challenges on the track. This class will help the handler determine how to set up these "puzzles" and how to develop a training plan to let the dog develop both experience and confidence.