OB580: Articles from the Ground Up

Instructor: Laura Waudby

Course Details

This class will lay out a plan for teaching scent articles.  Step-by-step, it will guide those who have not yet begun training and for those stuck on how to progress.  

We will dicuss using a food based method to kick start the dogs' learning that it is a scent based activity and how to quickly fade the food as a prompt.  Common problems in teaching articles will be discussed, from freezing over the pile to grabbing the first one they come across.  If your dog has already started scent articles using a different method, we can discuss a plan for getting you back on track with the method you're currently using, or try and pick a method that will work best for your dog. (Note the lectures will discuss a food association method of teaching articles, if you are interested in a free shaping approach I recommend taking Obedience Skillbuilding 1 instead.)

While a retrieve will eventually be needed for the full scent article exercise, it is not neccessary to begin this class.  Those dogs without a retrieve and dogs who tend toward grabbing behaviors will be taught to indicate their choice with a sustained nose touch to a flat metal/wood/leather item.  

The full progression to scent article training will be discussed in the lectures, however students who are starting at step 1 should not expect to completely master all the exercises in the 6 weeks.

Here is recent team Sue and Brinkley showing their progression from this class!