OB200: Precision Heeling

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Instructor: Denise Fenzi

Course Details

Many dogs lack precise heeling because they have no foundation – they do not understand how to use their bodies with accuracy, and their trainers don’t know how to fix heeling mistakes when they occur. This class will give you specific tools that you can use to develop your heeling foundation, without using a leash, special collar, or any compulsive techniques. We will use placement of food reward, platforms and discs, "pocket hand," and activities that teach you and your dog exactly where heel position is located. Static position (as opposed to movement) will be the primary focus; however, advanced teams will be taken as far as they can go over the six weeks of class, which could include formal heeling patterns with a high level of accuracy.

All of the techniques and skills will be provided in the first week of class, so you can select the level of challenge that your dog is ready for while skipping over skills that your team already possesses. In other words, you won't be "held back" if you have some skills.  Conversely, absolute beginners are welcome since we'll start at the absolute beginning!  

This class will cover the details of precision rather than the “game” aspect of heeling. Because of this focus, the class can be taken even if you have no access to training grounds outside of your own home.

Please read the prerequisite and equipment tab before registering! and to get a sense of the class, a sample lecture is available - see the Sample Lecture tab above!

Special Note #1: Denise will not work at all from June 22nd to June 25th; however she will work seven days a week for the rest of class.

Special note #2:  This class will have a limited silver level pilot program.  To learn more, enroll at the bronze level.  In the discussion forum is a detailed explanation of the pilot program.  Please do not sign up for silver without reading through the explanation of what you will be getting, since you will not have some of the features that you may expect from prior silver level classes.

Special note #3:  This class will be retired after this term In order to free Denise up to teaching classes. At that point, it will be available for self-study only.  

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