RA550: Transitions and Flow - Creating Effective Sequences for Musical Freestyle Routines

Instructor: Julie Flanery

Course Details

Have you ever watched a freestyle performance that mesmerized you? Not because the dog was performing a lot of difficult or fancy tricks or because the handler had a great costume and danced well,  but because as a team, the dog and handler moved in a way that made the performance appear effortless, fluid and polished. It was pleasing to the eye and provided a sense of naturalness.

And we have all seen routines that in spite of having the same behaviors, and the same level of skill in performing those behaviors, the routine appears somewhat awkward or choppy, maybe even forced, and flow of movement doesn’t come easily.

In this course you’ll learn the difference in these two types of routines and how to create sequences within a routine that provide ease of movement for both dog and handler, that is pleasing to the eye and can increase your score, no matter what venue or what level you are competing in.

We will not be choreographing full routines, but if you have a sequence or two in a current routine that needs some polish we will work that into the exercises.