AG200: Foundation Jumping for All Sports

Instructor: Loretta Mueller

Course Details

If you want to do dog sports then you’ll want a variety of foundation skills. One of the most critical of these skills is teaching your dog to jump!

If you hold your breath while your dog throws themselves at obstacles then this class is for you.  Correct jumping is quiet, fluid, and powerful!  Good jumpers create confident handlers who can focus on their side of the equation - providing cues and information while the dog does their job - move through the jumping exercises with confidence and ease!

Whether your sport is obedience, agility, flyball or doggy disc, your dog must learn how to use their body correctly so that they are confident in themselves and learn to love their doggy sports! 

If you want your dog to be the best jumper possible, join Loretta Mueller and teach your dog the mechanics of jumping!

This class is a foundation level class that will get your absolute beginner off on the right foot. This class is also appropriate for dogs that are already struggling, either showing less than stellar form or experiencing issues with their confidence.

Class will cover all types of jumps from single bars to triples to broad jumps, though each individual’s rate of progress will vary. Take your time and teach this foundation skill with excellence! The goal of this class is to give you the tools to create a talented, education jumper even after the 6 weeks are over!

Loretta will not use a single “method” to teach jumping; rather the class will introduce a variety of techniques to get the best out of each team.

Dogs should be one year of age or older to gain maximum benefit from this course.