OB320: Obedience Starter Games

Posted in Obedience Games

Instructor: Julie Symons

Course Details

This class is a "prequel" to the popular OB330 Obedience Games class. This is not a skills class but designed to present many short, fun, and fast paced games for beginner competition obedience training. We will use the skills you already have and give you ways to practice that are fun and fast moving! 

This course will cover games that will prepare you for future work when teaching the formal obedience skills such as retrieves, fronts, setups, recalls, stands, jumping, go outs, and more! It will also cover how to handle errors before they happen and why establishing some guidelines will build consistent and clear communication with our canine partners.

Each week 6 daily games will be rolled out with the objective to spend just a few minutes a day focused on a short fun “obedience based” training session. Planning for these short sessions will help with relationship, engagement, recalls, you name it! It doesn’t take long to play with purpose every day!

By adding “game training” with less predictability and formality, we build relationship and transfer reinforcement to the act of playing!