OB310: Ob-ility

Posted in Obedience Games

Instructor: Denise Fenzi

Course Details

Ob-ility is a fast paced and exciting way to teach advanced obedience exercises to dogs that like to move!  In this class, we will introduce the basic ob-ility cues (fly and thru) and demonstrate how to use them to teach any dog several fundamental obedience exercises.  All dogs will be introduced to the ob-ility method of teaching the broad jump, high jump, recall, directed jumping, and gloves (no retrieves required!).  Dogs who enter the class with more obedience skills may also be introduced to the ob-ility method of drop on recall, retrieve on flat, and the signal exercise.  We'll work with the skills that you and your dog possess, and add a few new ones to keep you busy!  This class is appropriate for any dog or puppy with or without fundamental obedience skills. Only requirements are a basic off-leash recall and a safe environment for your off leash dog to practice!

But... what IS Ob-ility?  In the teaching phases, Ob-ility is simply a way of breaking the exercises down so that the movement parts of the exercises are separated from the other parts - this makes the work a lot more fun and "flowing" for the dog.  Here is a video showing Team Stella from the last Obility class.  After mastering the basic fly and reverse fly, they moved on to broad jump and directed jumping.  Look at how much fun this team is having!

While these exercises have not been formalized and they'll need plenty more practice, you can see that this young dog has all of the pieces she'll eventually need, and they have a great way to practice this exercise without all of the sits and stays that are a part of more traditional obedience.  Who's having more fun; the dog or the handler??!!

This is an excellent choice for obedience dogs that aren't having much fun with their training, and provides a nice introduction to the concept of using "flow" to train new concepts.