TR310: Intro to VST Tracking

Instructor: Lucy Newton

Course Details

In this class, the handler and dog will be introduced to the specific challenges of VST tracking. The goal of this class is to begin to prepare the dog for the AKC Variable Surface Tracking Test. This level of tracking requires a focused dog that can problem solve and figure out the puzzles that he encounters on the track. Challenges on the VST track can include turns, changes of cover, aging, distractions, contamination, hard surfaces and working around features that create unique scent dynamics. In addition to introducing the dog to hard surface tracking, we will look at the other challenges and begin to introduce the dog to each of those challenges. The level of difficulty of these challenges will depend on the experience level of the dog. We will discuss how to break down the track and how to work on each challenge of the VST track individually prior to putting it all together.