AG110: Intro to Agility - Handling Basics

Instructor: Loretta Mueller

Course Details

Are you familiar with dog sports but new to agility?  Feel out of place in a beginner’s class but not sure where to learn the basics for this sport?  Been in agility for awhile but feel like your foundation skills are lacking?  If so, we have the class for you! 

This class will focus on foundation agility handling: the art of moving between the obstacles and around the course with safety and efficiency.  We’ll start with the assumption that you know NOTHING about agility but a good deal about dogs and dog training so you can move forward at the pace that best suits your needs.  In this class, you won’t be in over your head, but you won’t be bored either!  You won't need tons of equipment, either.  Using only three jumps, we’ll cover front crosses, rear crosses, blind crosses, serpentines, threadles, forward and lateral sends, lead out pushes, and so much more! 

This class is designed for all levels.  Agility newbies won't have any trouble following along, but more seasoned agility folks will be able to strengthen the foundation on their already-trained dog.  Loretta has worked with many well-known instructors, so she understands different handling methods and can make modifications based on your experiences. 

Check out this video of students from Loretta's last intro to agility class!