FF230: Tricks with a Purpose

Instructor: Sara Brueske

Course Details

Note: Week one class lectures will be released on June 1st but your instructor will not join the classroom until Monday, June 4 due to participation in the FDSA Training Camp. This class will be extended to July 15th to allow for this delay.

There are so many reasons why training tricks is beneficial to your dog, yourself and your relationship, tricks aren’t just for entertainment or rainy days anymore! Teaching tricks not only helps our dogs learn how to learn but also teaches us how they learn as well. Tricks can be used to teach concepts that appear in competition behaviors allowing us to teach those final behaviors more efficiently and with fewer mistakes. Plus, they allow us to mentally and physically exercise our dogs along with teaching them body awareness and control.

This course will cover a variety of tricks, all handpicked for different functions and benefits. The majority of these tricks are not physically demanding and are suitable for any dog. There is no skill set or previous experience needed for this course.