OB731: Handler Choice - June 2018

Instructor: Kamal Fernandez

Course Details

The people spoke! And FDSA Answered!

After popular demand, and listening to the response from many…. the resulting outcome…

Handlers Choice Class with Kamal Fernandez!

During this 6weeks course, the handler can decide on WHATEVER it is that they want to work on for the duration of the course…..

Yes, that's right! Absolutely anything related to your dog sports issues! At the commencement of the class, the Gold Participant may specify up to two distinct areas that they wish to focus on, which will then be the progressed throughout the 6weeks.

Each week, there will be live stream session where Golds and Silvers may submit questions and discussion items. This will also include live demos and training sessions with my own dogs. 

This will be your chance to partake in a ‘tailored’ made class for YOU!

The course is aimed at developing and focusing on exercises/behaviors or problem-solving.

For example:

- drive issues

- ring preparation

- dealing with high drive dogs

- dealing with low drive dogs

- progressing heeling

- retrieve issues

- send away/go out

Whilst there will be overlap from previous FDSA courses, and videos access… this course will be most suitable for those who have completed the previous course but want specific help and support moving their training forward, or developing behaviors.