FE585: Modifier Cues

Instructor: Heather Lawson

Course Details

It's a cue that gives additional information to your dog to further differentiate an exact behaviour that will earn them a reward.  Some examples of Modifier cues might include right or left, large or small, up or down, even over or under. A modifier cue helps differentiate a very specific request for your dog; such as which mat to lie on (the one on the left or the right) or even which ball to retrieve (the large or the small one). 

But my dog already knows left and right. . .  If you've taught your dog a "right spin" and "left spin" and believe they know their left from their right guess what? You've actually only taught your dog that left means spin left and right means spin right.  Those modifiers are behaviour specific only.  How do we know this?  We need to be able to apply those specific Modifier Cues to other previously "unpaired" behaviours.  For instance, could you place out two targets and without any previous training, say left target or right target and have your dog immediately touch the correct target? Could you have two kennels present and say left kennel or right kennel and without any pointing or further direction, would your dog choose the correct kennel? 

In Modifier cues, we teach you the true concept of modifier cues and how to apply them to other previously unpaired behaviours so they truly become and are modifier cues - opening up a whole new world of fun for you and your dog.  Using your imagination I know you'll find many uses for modifiers in your dog sport or daily life.