BH370: Feelings Change – Desensitization and Counter-conditioning

Instructor: Nancy Tucker

Course Details


This course is eligible for 21 CEUs with the CCPDT for training.

Learn the art and science of Desensitization and Counter-conditioning. Acquire skills that will allow you to help your dog develop a diminished or a more positive emotional response to things he’s not too keen about.  This course is structured as a “Trainer’s Choice”.  Gold students will each choose up to three stimuli they’ll use to practice and sharpen their DS&CC skills:  Anything from the monster vacuum cleaner to nail trimming to the fear of being picked up. 

This course is about learning the process and practicing the mechanics so that you can tackle the bigger problems with knowledge and experience.  It will allow you to achieve success with a few smaller issues in order to increase the chances of succeeding with the bigger issues.  (If, for example, your dog responds aggressively to the presence of another dog, you might want to begin learning about the DS&CC process by first addressing easier issues, rather than a large one like dog aggression.  Taking on a mammoth issue right away is a little like learning to high dive by starting your first lesson on the 80ft platform!)  

Ideally, students will choose a few stimuli over which they have complete control, i.e. the stimulus is not present when they’re not working with it.

NOTE:  We will not be addressing aggressive behaviours towards people or dogs in this class. If you’re not sure whether the main issue you want to address is appropriate for this course, please contact the instructor to discuss prior to registering at the Gold level.  Remember that you can always register at Bronze or Silver and upgrade if room is available within the first 2 weeks of class.