OB360: Sniff and Go: Scent Discrimination and Go Outs

Instructor: Donna Hill

Course Details

This class is a perfect combination of movement and stationary work for indoor training on those cold rainy or snowy days and hot days you don’t want to venture out.
Learn how to teach your dog how to move away from you in a straight line quickly, do known behaviors at a distance and in the presence of distractions. It is so exciting to be able to send your dog away from you at a dead run and then stop on a dime, swing around to face you and do a cued behavior! I call these 'remote sits'!  

Discover 4 ways to build a send out, 8 ways to increase speed and how to incrementally add distractions. Find out what chaining is and the role it plays in making your dog a movie star or a top competitor!

Using their noses comes naturally to dogs but we have to teach them how to indicate to us that that have found the object that smells like us in a pile of identical objects. Your dog doesn't need to already be able to pick up and carry an object to you if you want to complete the chain at a later date. 

What you will achieve in class depends on your starting point, your training skill, your dog’s learning skill and enthusiasm and your frequency of training. And how precise you want the behaviors to be.

This class is designed for anyone participating in formal obedience, TEAM levels, scent hurdling, Treibball, bird dogs, service dogs and can be adapted as a great trick for therapy dogs. The send out is a basic skill for dogs who perform in the movies! Anyone wanting to learn to teach these two behaviors for fun and exercise will enjoy it too!

You’ll need at least 15 feet of training space (a hallway or larger room), one or two sets of 6 identical objects made of wood, plastic, leather, or metal, a paw target, dog bed and/or platform and a vertical stand of some sort (ring gates, back of a chair, pole lamp etc). 

Here's a sample of the behaviors we are aiming for.