NW430: Common Scents Proofing: Building Confidence & Focus around Distractions

Instructor: Melissa Chandler

Course Details

"When a flower doesn't bloom, you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower."

Alexander Den Heijer

In this class we will develop the ability to search in the midst of distractions.  We will build odor value by removing the distractions and playing energy building and motivational games.  Then we will slowly add the distractions back to the search at a level each dog can be successful and win. 

During our reintroduction of distractions, we will check in with our dog and ask for their input in order to adjust our training plan as needed. If they are taking cookies too hard, displacement or distraction sniffing, checking out, etc., the environment or level of distraction will need to be reduced.

It is important to maintain motivation and confidence when working through distractions.  We cannot expect our dog to work through distractions if they are not motivated by odor as well as they cannot be successful if they do not have confidence in the environment or with the task.

This class will cover environmental distractions, food, toys, crittering, and marking.  AKC Scent Work distractions will also be covered, starting away from odor and then adding the odor with the distraction. 

In the last week of class, personal plans can be developed on how to continue working through distractions as needed for each team.


And look at him now!