BH160: Sound Advice: Conquering Noise Sensitivity

Instructor: Amy Cook

Course Details

Note: Week one class lectures will be released on June 1st but your instructor will not join the classroom until Monday, June 4 due to participation in the FDSA Training Camp. This class will be extended to July 15th to allow for this delay.

Got a noise sensitive dog? This class is for you! Whether you deal with the issue in your house with your dog barking at the sounds outside, or you have a dog that can't go to certain training locations because the building creaks and the doors slam, this class can help. If your dog barks at what he hears and stresses up, or shakes and withdraws and stresses down, we can work to make him feel more at ease.  Noise issues tend to get worse if we don't step in and help, so dogs really need us to have a solid plan to intervene and help them through this emotional challenge!